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Frederick J. Murrell, President - has 30+ years' experience in the energy and fuel markets. He has held such positions as an attorney representing coal-fired electric utility companies and a Vice President of Operations for a South-East coal-fired utility company, with responsibilities for purchasing coal and coal transportation for the company. A later position gave him responsibility for the movement of over 100 million tons of coal annually for a major US railroad. Additionally, he has extensive experience as a previous owner of two coal mining companies in the United States, and a coal mine supply and equipment company.  Since 1992, Carbon Resources of Florida, under Mr. Murrell's leadership, has represented Indonesia’s #2 coal producer which produces in excess of 45 million tons of very low sulfur and low ash coal per year.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Florida State University in 1972, and a JD with Honors from the University of Florida in 1976. 

Chara Panagopoulos, Chief Financial Officer - has served as Carbon Resources' CFO since 2006.  A native speaker of English and Greek, she has fifteen+ years' experience in financial management, including financial analysis, insurance & banking negotiations and mergers & acquisitions.  Ms. Panagopoulos earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance from the American College of Greece in 1994 and an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco in 2013.

About Us

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With coal affiliates and clients in North America, Central America, Indonesia,
New ​Zealand, and South America, Carbon Resources of Florida is an industry
leader in the global coal markets. Our management team has well established
reputations for developing innovative emissions-​reduction strategies, pioneering
safer, more economic and environmentally ​friendly coal mining techniques and
utilizing ultra-low sulfur, low ash coal ​sources from around the world to achieve
emissions compliance.

The Management Team

​For our investors and partners, we are known for aggressively pursuing ​emerging technologies for converting coal, heavy oil, bottom-of-the-barrel residue, oil sands bitumen, natural gas, byproduct gas, biomass and wastes into ​clean liquid fuels and petrochemicals.