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Energy Consultants

Carbon Resources of Florida is no longer accepting new customers for consulting services.  Energy Consulting Services are provided by another affiliate ofEnergyWeb.com ,Carbon Partners.

With unmatched experience and a broad base of domestic and international customers, Carbon Partners serves the power generation markets, develops investment opportunities and provides advisory services to energy market customers worldwide.

International Coal Operations

​Carbon Resources of Florida, Inc., is the exclusive marketer to the Western
Hemisphere of the cleanest burning coal in the world: 
​Currently, we sell more than 2 million tons per year to East Coast utilities
and have previously shipped
Envirocoal™ to Canadian and South American

Envirocoal™ offers the combination of the lowest sulfur and
lowest ash coal currently produced in the world. Used by utilities on every
inhabited continent,
Envirocoal™ is mined at the rate of 47.7 million tons
per year 
by PT Adaro Indonesia.

​For more information about the benefits of our
Envirocoal™ click here.

For information on the Envirocoal™ E5000 specifications click here.

For information on the Envirocoal™ 4700 specifications click here.

For information on the Envirocoal™ WARA specifications click here.